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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Does It Do Good When You Spend Over Your Means?

    Why waste thousand over donald duck dollars getting yourself a ticket just to watch that stupid F1 night race?

    Hey come on! Knock some sense, will you? Why spend that amount over a ticket when you can use it for other means. In an instance, doing what I love doing (shopping btw), binge eating like you on the world (at a restaurant), do what sex maniacs love to do (one night stand at a hotel) and many more which I can't think of...

    There is sucha thing as TeeVee!!
    There is sucha a thing as Youtube!!
    I don't see the need to watch F1 live and why? I know it does not bring any good to me (in fact, waste of my money).

    It's not about,
    "Hey I am rich. Hence, I can afford what other people cannot afford"
    "You are poor and that's why you say this" (That's not NICE to hear)
    "I sense jealousy"

    Sorry hun, that has never cross my mind.

    The reason why I came out with the idea of blogging this stupid shit is because people are enjoying life too much. It's okay to enjoy life but then, have a limit. Spending thousands for a ticket just to watch a 30 minutes (just put it that way) race can be abit ridiculous la.

    I know. Not everybody has a formal budget or whatsoever written down on a piece of paper. As a matter of fact, many don't but some DO have an outward of a budget in the furthest recesses of their minds. This is the guilt that screams ‘wait!’ when you spend on something you may need the cash for later. Am I wrong to say this??? Everything is soo expensive here in this tiny Singapore! Money is not easy to earn! We have to ask ourselves if it's appropriate to spend the money just like that. I know it's your money and I don't even intend to rob you. Learn how to invest. Meaning???

    Would rather spend it with your family (have a reunion feast or something) or being a self-centered bitch and watch F1 alone with your friends (friends pay their own tickets)

    Tell meh.

    This is the issue people faced as of lately.

    And I haven't even start on those "acting" Tai-Tais

    Why waste your money just to get a designer goods? Just because it's Chanel? Just because you wear it and it makes people salute you? Just because you have it, you flaunt it? Just because you want people to think highly of yourself which makes my stomach sick to the core. You want the respect. You think people might label you "Rich whore" just because you have it?? You just want everythang! What a flamboyant mother of god you are, hun.

    Being a tai-tai is not just about spending extravagantly -- buy Chanel, Dior, Hermes, LV, Gucci. Prada and whatever you can think off, okay.

    Everything comes with wear and tear, remember!!!???!!!

    That leads to my point!

    I have a friend or rather an EXX-mate from outer space the last time (obviously s/he knows who s/he I'm talking about) who is super duper MATERIALISTIC. This person is so materialistic that she does anything for money. No, not sex of course.

    When she is GODDAMN broke, what she would do is, open up her closet and took out all her old stuff and sell it to people. If she is ask why she intend to sell it, the reply she give is, "oh. I cannot wear it anymore because it's big". How great!

    This bitch is not being straight forward. Embarass that you're broke, much??? Hah!

    Oh, did I mentioned about selling her stuff at a Blogshop??? Haha. What a cheap capital slut she is.

    And worse, I remember buying her an Esprit bag using my money and was promised that she will pay me back (this is what happens when someone is effing BROKE). Hmmmmm, is it money back guaranteed? Definitely not! She's a liar. She didn't even pay me a single cent.

    Fine. I'm not that petty over money and etcetera. So I ignore about it and PRETEND nothing happens and I still befriend with her.

    Once she's back broke, she does her usually thing. Open up her fucking closet (thinking that she has so many stuff to sell). To my surprise, someone sell my bag which I bought! Someone sell it and the money she received, she kept it. HAH! Now that is why I hate her and I don't want to go out with her anymore and befriend with her.

    Do you want to see her face?
    Answer me on a tag.


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 9/19/2008