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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Music Story by Anthony Png

    The greater your range, the more exciting and certain your singing will be?? If you are determined enough and want to go places in life, great! There is not time like the present to get ready!

    I've dug up something very special for all of us today. This is a must read if you intend to be a vocalist or need the extra help to be a singer for that matters. So get excited because you're in for a treat my friend!
    Welcome to Music Story! Music Story is a renowned Pop Music School in Singapore. Providing not only vocal for English or Mandarin Courses but on top of that, Dance, Keyboard, Guitar and Composing Courses as well! Who would have thought?

    Have you heard of Anthony Png?

    Anthony Png is not just "some man" who speaks about how to become a well-known singer. He is the guy that works everyday with ambitious superstars, other than artistes that have previously reached celebrity status (both local and regional) like Tan Diya, Darren Tan, Jocie Kok to name a few!
    All thanks to the man behind Music Story for the success of
    most aspiring singers!!

    He is the one who recognizes what a great singer sounds like, before they have their first flash of victory. Likewise, Anthony is the guy whose life is always about creating dreams for the singers he works with. What's more, Anthony Png himself is the founder and principal vocal coach for the school - Music Story.

    He knows what he's doing!

    HELLO! We are talking about a man with over 2 decades of strong performing experience under his belt, alright. Who are we kidding? Impressive eh!

    Oh by the way, Anthony Png is one of the few judges for Channel U's Project Superstar and is also the official instructor for Campus Superstar and Super Band, remember? *Ring a bell*

    As we all know, music is necessary in everyone’s lives. Not only as a form of entertainment. Nevertheless, it is also a way of expressing oneself. Heck, we all sing for god sake - forgetting the people who are around us!
    That's right! Similar to Channel U's Project Superstar singing competition, Music Story does have their annual talent contest in case you didn't now. Organized by Music Story, called "SING OUT!” it offers wonderful opportunities as well as a platform for new aspiring singers to participate and at the same time, enabling them to gain exposure. Unfortunately, the application for this has already closed I heard. Too bad! =(
    This is the courtyard. Lets do some headcount, shall we?

    I have no intentions of being mean but then the not so skinny ones doesn't have to worry of being stuck in a squeezy performing area because the studio is really quite spacious. Just so you know, Music Story has a courtyard PLUS a performing studio that can seat well over 60 talented students to perform at. Good enough?
    Nice! The students seem to be well-behaved while our dear vocal coach is teaching.

    Major cuteness! His students are all good-looking indeed!

    Whether you are the kind who adores dancing everywhere in the living room on a rainy day or singing along to the radio like me, Music Story is certainly for you. In fact, Music Story has classes for all of us -- even for adults and senior citizens alike! This is way too awesome, no?

    Oh, Music Story also have vocal instructors, specializing in English songs, for the ones who are interested in English Pop musics!

    With that being said, I urge you all to sign up for this because god knows, you might be a star in the making? You are going to have a wonderful experience I swear.

    It's not even Christmas yet but believe it or not, we got a special promotion for Fauzi Rassull's fans only. NICE! *jingle all the way*

    So if you are really in for this treat, what you can do is,
    (1) dial their direct hotline @ 6223 0012 or
    (2) send in your enquiries to mystory@musicstory.com.sg now for more information.


    Music Story is announcing a vocal trial class for young adults
    this Saturday,
    noontime, 1st May 2010
    Forget about other plans! Do a last minute cancellation of whatever outings you have on that very day with your friends! Hehehehe. Instead, make a trip down to 76 Neil Road with your ''other'' friends and frenemies to learn various singing techniques from Project Superstar Judge/Campus Superstar instructor, Anthony Png himself!! Wow! It's more than just a meet and greet session, eh? For those who already can sing, don’t be a bitch, come down and show them what you got. *snap snap fingers* =)

    Website to go: http://www.musicstory.com.sg


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 4/27/2010