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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    I Am Young, So.....

    (This is very important and your life is at risk.)

    If you are young, repeat this after me!
    "I AM YOUNG, SO......... WHAT IF I AM A VIRGIN!"

    There are way too many reasons why girls choose to be and not to be a virgin But to answer what is so good about it, let me tell you why.

    Girls, you have a choice and you decide! There is nothing wrong being a virgin. Being one does not make you look nerd. And being one does not mean there are no guys out there who wants you. Do not ever let other people pressure you on this.

    The reason why I've decided to come out with this issue is because I want to make it clear that life isn't just about having sex and losing one's virginity. Treasure your virgin for as long as you may, hunney.

    A relationship is definately not based on sex. The main reasons why we are in a relationship is becaue we want to have a fun time with someone whom with love, to find someone who understand more about you, be honest with and etcetera. I hope we got this in our mind now! Girl, you can say you love your boyfriend with all your heart, your lungs and your soul. Now what? Give something special which both of you can share through your life's encounter? To let go of your virgin like that? Come on! You can lose your virginity any time but do not come and complain after that. I'm sure your friend been there and done that.

    Think of other things. Be creative! Giving your virginity to charity (it isn't a special gift) is not enough to prove your love for him. Afterall, you have sex because you're ready and not because you're doing it to prove love. If he loves you, prove it that he does! Meaning, he can jolly well wait until you are ready. Yes, this may sound bad (at least to you, not me) but hey, this is for your own good. Take your time.

    You've had sex education classes in school I believe.
    So be educated!

    For I, think is good to remain a virgin especially when you're at a young age and for someone who is still not marry. At least you're not a whore. Be proud of that.

    So if your friend ask you why don't you loose your virgin, you tell them this.

    That's right. Say that right up in their face hard and clear. =)

    There was a time where a friend of mine went screaming how proud she was losing her virginity you know. It was obvious she wanted people to go "Goodness gracious! She's 17 and hasn't had sex!!!" It's one of those things in life that you show off, brag with and the longer you last the more "cool" it is. I thought it kind of sad. Really. If you feel that your virgin is good on you, then don't shout it from the roof tops. No one really cares and it's not the most public issues to share about anyway. Am I wrong to say this?

    Follow your heart. Don't care what others say to you. So what if people make sucha big deal of you being a virgin? The world you're living in is filled with society (calling you to join in the crowd ) who really brainwashed people to think that, you're a wimp if you don't have sex! Kill them.

    This is not preaching.

    CLICK ! CLICK >>


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/07/2009