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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    BreadTalk Celebrates it's 10th Anniversary

    Well if the thought of making bread appears like too big of a hard work or perhaps, if you are looking for the right thing to fulfill your tongue’s yearning for delicious cakes and pastries fret not! There has been a lot of Bread Talk everywhere in our areas of late! It is no secret that Bread Talk cakes and pastries are healthy choice for the tummy. =) Try it out when you need to stock up on some freshly baked bites.

    Bread Talk has brought about a renaissance in the bread
    business, with multiple awards testifying to its branding
    and business successes. Their signature 'see thru' kitchens
    allow their chefs to showcase their expertise upfront, sharing
    the preparation of the freshly browned breads, each piece
    has a story to tell.

    What makes Bread Talk hot favorite is the various selections of very yummy bread it has in their recipes, floss, funky names for their buns and it persistently leads the field in innovation and imagination for the past 10 years!! That's why Bread Talk announces new breads for all of us, eh!

    Bread Talk is celebrating its 10th anniversary and believe it or not, they are rolling out their Fantastic 10 products which have attracted patrons (just like you and me!) over the past 10 years. Who would have thought??

    Bread Talk has a remarkable and brilliant chef. They are the men behind the “Dinosaur” bun which was created in 2002. They are the culprits behind the “9.0” bun that was made to raise fund for the tsunami victims 5 years ago. Of course, not forgetting the most recent Leonardo and Merrily to welcome the world with Singapore in August 2010. No worries, you can get them all in the Bread Talk outlet from 17 Jun – 8 July 2010.

    Can you recall Bread Talk's one in a million signature bun??
    Sale period: 17 Jun to 23 Jun
    O’Sambal (2001), Dinosaur (2002), Bull Run (2003)

    Sale period: 24 Jun to 30 Jun
    LuvBite (2004), 9.0 Tsunami (2005), 大长金 (2006)

    Sale period: 1 Jul to 8 Jul
    Hairy Crab (2007), Peace Panda (2008),
    Ferraberri (2009), Leonardo+Merrily (2010)

    Food for thought indeed.

    photos via http://www.breadtalk.com

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 6/20/2010