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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Fuck Campus Superstar & Yeay-ness To Anugerah. Haha

    I have a second thought of posting a review about Suria's Singing Competition. Reason being, I might just do a lot of mindless bashing on our new winner which I DID on the last paragraph. See, it is always possible to have Fauzi's verbal diarhhea (vulgarities dammit) on every post.

    All I can say is that, whoever who had voted for Aliff Aziz just because “he’s cute” and didn’t listen to his actual singing, I hope when your handphone bill comes next time, you’ll regret the excessive votes, curse yourself and kick yourself hard in the butt, bitch.

    Yes Aliff Aziz was the better one among the four but that does not mean he deserves to win the title. No, I am not insulting him just because he is younger than me (hahaha) or whatsoever who cannot accept a young boy winning all those prizes and cash, but rather I saw him beyond his looks and straight to his singing. Aliff Aziz WILL BE a good singer in a few years’ time given proper vocal training but NOT NOW. Maiya Rahman would have been a more deserving one, no.

    Maiya Rahman, my personal favourite. There was something terribly amiss with Maiya. When I watched her performed, it felt like she wasn’t her usual self. She was VERY self-conscious of herself on stage and her body language said it all. Maiya was either REALLY nervous or maybe just afraid to give her best. She has been the hot favourite because of her amazing voice, have enough experience in performing (before and during Anugerah), and have for herself a steady group of supporters. Simply said, Maiya was holding herself back for some reason. I didn’t see her 200% on stage last night. Yes I was a little disappointed when it comes to her overall performance but singing wise, it was perfect. She has a very very good voice, both unique and outstanding but her performance physically didn’t match up to her singing. That was Maiya Rahman’s own downfall, unfortunately…

    Aliff Aziz, the boy whom many loved to hate. Only 16 years of age and brimming with talent and confidence, hegave exactly what the overall winner should have given. He let go of himself, let his guard down, let the confidence take over him and gave his 400% on stage. Notice that I said 400% because Aliff Aziz was such an OVER-CONFIDENT (stress the word hard) boy last night that it came to a point where you felt like smacking him and just shouting at him to be a little humble. And no, his singing did not dramatically improve last night because it was still the same “breathless and raspy” singing. The only good and major improvement was his stage presence. He made the stage his and in other words, CONQUERED the stage. A true performer from his first to his last performance, Aliff Aziz did not let anything hold himself back. His determination and confidence was way to over the tops. You could say that it was good but you could also say that it was bad. A little humble please from a 16 year old?

    Being a professional blogger like I am, Congrats of his winning!!!

    I am a blogger. This is what a blogger does,

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 7/26/2007