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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    PC Got Recovered

    I am glad now; able to surf once again.
    I wanted to share this moment of joy to every bloghoppers reading this. I am really excited and speechless now that my comp are back to normal after undergoing a major operation. Yeah he is fine now. No worries okay. I deciced to update lots of things here in one entry which includes the not so latest stories okay.
    My aunt will be here in Singapore today for at least a month; celebrating Hari Raya. Whoa! Its been like 4months since I last saw her in person. Hmmm. Yeah! We will be there at the airport terminal one later this evening to fetch her. So God Bless You and may you have a safe return to Singapore from London. So Uncle Rick, you can now enjoy the feeling of being alone.
    My lonliness is killing me
    I must confess
    I still believe
    Hit me baby one more time
    - Britney Spears-
    I suggest you [Uncle Rick] sing that when you feel bored, okay. Miss you. Well if theres anything, just nudge me and we will have a video call. Peace.

    Yesterday night, we got back the PC. Ask me how did my PC got into trouble; I guess I shouldn't answered much about it okay. Everybody said that I am the culprit that actually spoil the system. Yeah! I just willing to give my whatever expression to them in return. How about that. Rolled eyes* Dad paid S$160/- to revive it back. It feels so Ggg-reat!! Hahahaha. Well basically I did have a great time at Kampong Glam yesterday with my family as well as with my grandmom. We break our fast together and also did abit of shopping. Oh my god!! Hari Raya Festival is just round the corner; 2 more days to go. Yay! I am really excited. For all you to know, I should be cleaning my home instead of blogging, man. Yeah indeed I should. However, that can wait.

    I guess I am 50% ready for Hari Raya, man. I mean the atmosphere is there but something just worries me alot. I am speaking of the upcoming O-Level examinations. Not only that, I am too worried about my Biology and Art paper. Both of these shit falls on the same day. This is suck. I felt that I couldn't manage my time wisely now that Hari Raya festival falls on the wrong day and the wrong month. This is so sick. Arghh. Look here, I am stress. I tried not to think much about it. I think celebrations goes first than studies. I mean, not that I wanted to neglect on my studies. I just wanted to stay a few distance away from Math; the biggest obstacle followed by Biology, my weakest link. God bless me and hopefully I am given plenty more of time to get ready.

    Lets put education aside alright. Mom and I went for a major shopping at Metro last Thursday. Speaking of shopping, we bought lots of things; bedroom stuff. Hahaha. From bedsheets to pillows and lastly to clothes. We did have a great time. However, I am unwilling to carry those stuff home. Heavy was the main issue here. I am fasting and it made feel thirst carrying heavy stuff. Sigh* But hey, I hold on to it okay. Whoa! For this last few weeks, I guess I gained tonnes of weight. Argh. This scares me. Fat?? Obese?? Oh man. Blame me for eating unhealthy stuff from honey-roasted chicken, steaks, pasta with cheese and oily meal. Oh dear!! Maybe I should just act as if I look slim. How about that.

    Graduation Day was the most saddest day to me. I mean it was a day to grab every hours as memories. Yeah! I do have some pictures taken on the day itself at the staircase in my school and no doubt that I will keep them as memories. These people are more than just friend to me. One is like family to me and the rest is like my bumble bees who will always look for honey. I am so sure that I will definitely miss all of you who have been with me since. Maybe I could start swearing now to say "WE WILL NEVER BE APART; WILL MEET SOMEDAY". If that wish grant, I am happy. Well if not, I could just pray for it to happen real.

    Happy Diwali to all Hindus &
    Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims.

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 10/22/2006