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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    I Hate Strait Times (STOMP)! I Just Hope It Never Exist

    Call me dumb or whatever you feel right, okay.
    I've never heard of STOMP in my life before, until last week. Thanks to my dear friend for explaining briefly the purpose of STOMP exist in this world.
    And you know what people, I'm completely annoyed with the fact that netizens are claiming that they are STOMPers of STOMP. Who is STOMPers by the way? A certified nosey morons who have got nothing to do besides taking pictures of other people caught not following the rules and have it posted to STOMP page for all to see? And oh, STOMPers are also sick jealous people whose job is to slander those people they see in the articles/photos. I will define it that way if you were to ask me. Hello, who are you trying to kid, huney? You think you're good at reporting fresh juicy local news everyday and a great bloody critic, eh? You thought of working with the Straits Times, huh? Dream on, bitch!

    In an instance, you took pictures of people eating in trains/buses and subsequently, post it at STOMP. I don't know if STOMP actually realise that, it is an offend to allow people to snap picture of other people without their consent at all. The worse thing is when STOMP actually publicise articles from these delusional STOMPers for the world to see. This is what I want to know. And I also want to know, what STOMP have been doing since to tackle all this cheap slanderers? Don't they think slandering other people is also an offence? Why none of us post it at STOMP, eh?

    Oh well, as we all already know, Singapore is a cosmopolitan country.Whether or not Singapore is cosmopolitan, we are still a "kaypoh" individual be it online or offline! Singaporeans don't think out of the box, okay. Am I wrong to say this?

    Whoever is a STOMP member out there, I'm gonna kill you . And I am serious about it. This "kaypoh" syndrome is getting out of hand I swear and I'm indeed disgusted. You make me think Singapore is a country full of shitty people, okay. Don't let me think that way, please. It's not good and it's not nice. Yes, we complain over small tiny things. We complain about things like bird seeds, dog shits and ecetera. That's us. Am I right to say this? But the point is, can everyone please for life of god, think openly, think maturely and let us all not be a busybody? That's what I'm asking for. We are like totally the opposite of the Americans. And I don't think it is healthy by the way?

    I make sense. Thank you =)

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 5/28/2008