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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    I Love My Apple

    Do you know why I love apples?

    It's because apples help prevent certain diseases and at the same time, improve my overall health. Yes, that's right. Apples have no fat, cholesterol or sodium, and contain small amounts of potassium, which help maintain healthy blood pressure and a healthy weight.

    So the love for apple don't stop there, hunney.

    Speaking of gadgets now.

    Have anyone heard of Apple gadgets before? Of course we do. I love Apple gadgets because it's pretty user-friendly. By the way, how old is "OLD" actually? Well don't be surprise if my granny nanny has an iPod Nano and listens to it everytime she goes to the market place ya'll. She listens to it while she does her cooking. She listens to it while she is pooing too. Multi-tasking? What do you think, eh? Hahaha.

    I tell you what. I'm a big and a huge fan of Apple for a very long time now and why? It's because of the brand itself, Apple! Unfortunately, I cannot get my dream iPod Touch for some reasons (They are pricey!! I'm jealous to the people who have it and yet, flaunt it like a diva. Ahhhh!!). Everytime when I think of Apple, I will always think of my health. That's right and I'm being honest. Call me an Apple freak or anything you wish. Best of all, write an open letter to them and do what you got to do to make me the ambassador of Apple. *Laugh hysterically.

    Okay, enough dreaming Fauzi....

    Anyway, we all know I love Apple more than my mom. I'm Apple's biggest fan than any fan out there. So don't come over me and say something that might put me to shame, okay.

    Something like:
    "I'm their biggest fan than you (which is referring to me)"
    "I've got every of Apple gadgets and that's enough to proof that I'm their biggest fan of all"

    Now who cares if some of you out there owns an iPod Shuffle, Apple TV or even have 10 kilograms of apples in your fridge, okay. It does not make you a diva because Apple had one person (diva) in mind already -- me of course. Psssst, I got a MacBook, hunney. *Whisper softly. Hahahaha.
    BE QUIET, WILL YOU?!!?? I'm not even self-proclaiming myself as one anyway.
    I have a reputation to look after too, remember? So please ar, don't make me paisey hor people... Paparazzi are just everywhere and they're spying on me (their future ambassador).

    Here is the thing. Even though I do not have an iPod (I don't have any iPods before at all) and even if I cannot afford to get my dream Apple gadget which is that iTouch, don't worry guys. I will try my best to flaunt my MacBook and work it like it is an iTouch (just that MacBook is bigger). I will carry my MacBook in hand and then have a earphone plugin to listen to my musics. How about that? You know, sometimes if you cannot afford something, there is always a way to work it like you own it. But that's just delusional, eh?

    Now while we're on Apple gadgets,
    say it with me: "I have a MACBOOK with me and I cannot lie."
    Why I love MacBook?
    It's 1.08 inches thin and weighed only 5.0 pounds! It's just streamlined to go people. Besides, MacBook looks sharp on it's glossy 13.3 inch widescreen display and it's great for viewing and working with media. And the best of all, my fingers always feel happy with it's unique keyboard design that allows me to experience a responsive touch when typing.

    Give me a second. I need to screaaammmmm.

    But hey, before I do that, please be reminded to have two condoms (look photo above) ready beforehand, okay. You might want to use them (the traditional way) as a ear plug in case you find me annoying at some point. And by the way, the condoms have to be an Apple brand or Apple flavoured ones (which ever you wish) okay since this entry focuses mainly about Apple and yah, Apple.

    If you're ready, click it.

    Whoa. That's an awesome scream, no? Well, for a guy like me to do that is really good enough, okay. I would have died from lack of oxygen if I continue screaming like that. *Touches tree trunks wood.

    And what about my Sony Vaio then????People, I'm a huge fan of Apple, remember? So anything that's not Apple, should belong to the bin. PERIOD. No, don't get me wrong, hunney. I'm doing this because I want to let YOU (not just Apple alone) know straight that I'm willing to do whatever to proof my love for Apple.
    For the record, Apple improve my overall health. Apple is everything to me. Apple just rob me of my virginity. What more can I say?

    The point is, can Sony help maintain my health like Apple does? The answer is obviously a "NO" of course.
    Yes I drew that to extend my love for Apple. Haha. And that banana could be Apple's rival in the making. So who would have thought, eh? Hahahah.

    Looking for a more healthy diet? Apple can be a key food in your diet plans.

    Click! Click! Click!

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 7/02/2008