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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Nothing Unusual

    Allow me to begin my afternoon with some bitching.

    Yes, BITCHING IN PROGRESS. So ya'll better lay back and keep still while I entertain you with what I've got to say.

    YA KUN KAYA TOAST! Who in the world have got no idea what the heck is that.
    Well, according to WIKIPEDIA (say it with an English accent), it is a chain of air-conditioned kopitiams in Singapore and certain parts of Asia. As the name suggests, it sells kaya toast, bottled kaya, Singapore style coffee and tea, half boiled eggs and other beverages.

    "The company was founded in 1944 by Loi Ah Koon from Hainan, China at Telok Ayer Basin. After 15 years at Telok Ayer Basin, the stall moved to Telok Ayer Market (now Lau Pa Sat). It was renamed Ya Kun which is the Hanyu pinyin equivalent to Ah Koon. The stall remained there until 1984, when restoration works of the Telok Ayer Market began. The stall then moved to the now-defunct Telok Ayer Transit Food Market. In 1998, the coffee stall was passed down to his children and it moved to a new location at Far East Square.

    Ya Kun International was incorporated in 2001 in Singapore, to expand the chain of coffee stalls island wide and regionally. Ya Kun has 24 stalls in Singapore, with franchises in Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea."

    Okay, let us not exaggerate too much over Ya Kun's history, shall we? It's not something I want to discuss here and it's hell none of my business in anyway, okay.

    Haha. Ya Kun's history has got nothing to do with me. Who would have thought, eh? So anyway, I just don't get why most of us go crazy over that air-conditioned "Kopitiam"? What is it about Ya Kun that makes ya'll go crazy? What is it about that franchise that appeals you by the way?

    It's not like they sell something unusual. It's not like they sell anything fantastic besides half-boiled eggs, coffee, tea, toast and yadda yadda yadda which are soo common to my eyes.. Duh, even normal coffee shop near my house sells those stuff. Seriously, nothing and I mean NOTHING really WOWS me at Ya Kun besides being a local brand name with a history that inspires everyone.

    First, as a matter of fact, Ya Kun is air-conditioned. So what else do you think Ya Kun is different from other franchise in Singapore (in particular). Tell me ya'll.

    If you were to tell me Ya Kun's toasts are different in terms of taste, let me tell you this. A toast is basically, a bread with butter or it could be some other flavoured jams and then heat it. And if you say their jams are HOME MADE which is why they are delicious, kill yourself. Talk about originality? My gradmama does HOME MADE toast as well and it's fucken delicious. If that's not original then I have nothing else to say, okay.

    Who are you trying to kid, hunney. Either you're being absurd to have say that or are you just being super dumb to have paid that amount of money for having breakfast there. Ya Kun is expensive if you were to compare it with normal coffee shop, okay. It's a fact.

    Oh, what I meant by expensive here is not about whether one can afford it or whether to compare the cost of a toast with your CHANEL bag, bitches. It's mostly about common sense as we speak. I mean, you guys should know by now how much a toast should jolly well cost if you are a fan of it, yes?

    So use some sense, hun. The price of rice has increased severely around the world. In addition to that in case you didn't know, the price of rice rises indirectly affects price of food as a whole okay...

    Oh well, this is my point of view anyway. =)

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 6/23/2008