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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    RE: 10 Dumb Things People Do To Their Blog

    And so, I've read a pretty interesting post (I swear it is) earlier and I'm not afraid to say that I don't agree to her points -- for some.

    Oh, BEFORE anywhoo dares accuse me of plagiarising from sources, hey, this is the GODDAMN link/URL/source/site/whatever shit you call it. That's right.

    No, this post is not intended to show hatred or anything. Why should I be? It's stupid to hate someone whom you do not know, alright. So, this is my POINT OF VIEW, hun. Now where was I?

    ISSUE: Youtube videos and more MORREE Youtube videos.

    I kinda disagree when the blogger mentioned something about bloggers who embed more and more youtube videos to their own blog instead of typing away (for an hour) and rant about their personal life or anything interesting.

    You know what ma'am, maybe you might want to widen up your vagina and explore the blogging world if you know what that is, okay. I don't know if you've ever heard of Photoblog or even Vlog (oh, it's Video Blogging) for that matters? Who cares?

    Wait wait wait...

    Which is boring?
    Ranting about YOUR life (which I couldn't care less) or Youtube videos?

    I can't tell you my answer because it's your choice.

    Anyway, all of us are FREE to own a blog. We have BLOGGER. We also have LIVEJOURNAL as well as MULTILPY to name a few. We signed up for free and nothing stops any blogger from blogging what they want. Blogging is a choice, okay. If you think you loath it due to the fact that it's boring, too exaggerating which makes your stomach sick to the core, nothing stops you from clicking that "X" mark. It's that simple.

    Yes, I see a few of them before and I tell myself, it's their right to upload whatever stuff they want and why? It's their choice! They signed up under their name and why the heck I bother to make sucha bigg fuss over it. I saw it and I simply kept quiet and why again? Like I've said, it's none of my dad's, mom's or anyhoooo's business in anyway.

    Let me ask you. Do you even read a blog that blogs about their PERSONAL life?? I bet you don't, right? I know it's none of your business too. So whatever.


    Ma'am, tell me why it's password protected blog? Do you ever think BLOGGER is stupid to come out with this "password protection" system? No, they have a reason or two for coming up with that system or whatever that is, okay. They are SMARTass people I tell you.

    For some, they (bloggers) find it unsafe to share his/her blog to the rest of the world. As we all already know (this is common sense), Internet is HUGE. Even bigger than America, okay. Imagine you have a photoblog and have photos of yourself which you don't feel like sharing to anyone except your friends. What would have happen if his/her private photos got circulated around the net? And I can't deny, those who does that are the ones who have an issue with their own brain for being jealous. That is why password protection EXIST. It is for a good cause.

    On that note, I just want to know if your NETS card is password protected?

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 6/26/2008