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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Stingy And Cheapskates Mobile Phone Users

    UPDATED: This is a General Discussion


    This is going to be a straightforward blog entry and I'm gonna make sure it really hit in your face. That's right.

    Yes, I have been wanting to blog about this long ago but I just don't have the courage to do it because I feel bad for the "poor" out there. When I think again, I ask myself why the hell should I show my sympathy to worthless poverty stricken people when they themselves don't seem to care about me. I've had it with you. I'm not gonna show any face and I'm not going to be nice! So prolly after spending your time reading this entry, you might want to GET A LIFE AND AIM HIGHER.

    Prepaid Mobile Users VS Postpaid Mobile Users
    (We just cannot get along with each other! Prepaid and Postpaid just don't work out!)

    I've heard about the benefits about Prepaid Card Subscribers, this and that, blah blah blah.. And I bet you've heard it as well. I'm so sick of it!!

    (1) help users to keep track on their monthly bills

    (2) never face any problem of over usage

    (3) freedom from bills

    (4) for budget-conscious mobile users

    (5) enjoy 10 sms-es free for every 5 sms sent
    (depends on what telco you're using)

    (6) anonymous to the operator/caller
    - allow you to behave childishly on the line; PLAY PRANK etc etc

    (7) free incoming calls when you activate a code
    (depends again on what telco)

    (8) low rate

    (9) use the phone with prepaid minutes


    So what about Postpaid User? Of course, we do have our benefits too, hunney. (Yes I'm a postpaid subscriber to start with.)

    (1) offered rewards, discounts and incentives (hoooray) associated with the users usage pattern

    (2) receives an itemized monthly bill of the different types of services made during that period.

    (3) incoming call free (depends on what plans you've subscribed)

    (4) does not have to worry about topping "scratch scratch prepaid card" up prepaid value
    which can be a hassle

    (5) professional and ideal for frequent mobile user like ME and suitable for FREQUENT MOBILE USERS LIKE YOU

    (6) allow to use it as and when we like. No boundaries in anyway

    (7) more flexible

    (8) does not require us to check the balance of our prepaid at the end of every call

    (9) give face to the cheapskate assholes!

    **Based on experience**
    Generally, people who are of my age are prepaid users and I have to say they are the ones who use mobile phones in their lifestyles almost every single day! Let's call this group the frequent users, shall we?

    I don't see any reason for frequent mobile subscribers not to use postpaid! Yes, we are in a recession! Yes, we are trying to keep a low and tight budget as of now. Ya right!

    So if you are saying, you're on a tight budget (as if you're going to die from not eating), allow me to ask you this. Is it fair for us, the postpaid subscribers (who are also on a tight budget like you) to make the outgoing call when you are the one (prepaid users) who wish to start a conversation with the person you are trying to communicate????

    Do not ever say we are the stingy ones. If you are not the stingy type, shouldn't you be the one sacrificing your prepaid? Also, do not say you're in recession because everyone is going through it now. You have a choice. Either use your phone or do not use it at all. You have a choice.

    By the way, I didn't know prepaid users are very smart. Some of us use this method.

    (1) Leave a missed call to that particular person! What the fuck.
    Does anyone has a friend who tends to hang a call (you consider that a missed call huh?!?) after a ring because I have one right here....

    ORRR.. Better yet.

    (2) Send a pathetic sms asking us to call them back.

    TRY AGAIN =)

    Ridiculous la!
    I don't know about these stupid prepaid users! I don't know if they realise that normal rate applies for outgoing calls. We still have to pay the normal rate to listen to their conversation some more, eh? Bloody hell!! If it's 10 minutes or so I am fine. Nothing beyond that, okay. This is really really too much la. There you are saving your prepaid values and here we are, have
    to spend and pay to listen to your crap.

    Please knock some sense and bloody hell THINK.

    And while I'm typing this away, out of the blue, I feel that prepaid subscribers are all self-centered bunch of creatures who wants to have a mobile phone and yet, VERY CHEAPSKATE.

    Shouldn't you be investing more on your mobile plans and get rid of prepaid whatever shits?

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 1/22/2009