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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Skinny Tips

    I assume that everyone knows my vital stats, yes? I assume that you have recorded my waist size, my height and everything into your memo pad and placed it under your main priority, no?

    If you have not, please do so because I want to make sure that each and everyone who enjoyed reading my shrine to follow me. In other words, I want ya'll to obey me. I want ya'll to listen and take all my tips, instructions and everything into consideration. No, please don't lie okay. Be honest as possible because for your information, anyone who comes to my blog on a daily basis are all liars. Thus, I do not wish you to add-on to the liars community alright.. Haha. I was just kidding.

    So anyway, before I go any further. Take note, I'm standing at 1.73m with a 26inch waist. I'm weigh 55kg. I don't have any bust. And that's honest answer ever okay.

    There are quite a number of people asking me the same old question (maybe not) about my diet and all. Yes, everyone around me did mention about my body size yadda yadda. They said that I'm skinny. I've got legs. I'm anorexic. I don't know if that's compliment or what. You know, it's hard to differentiate between compliments and criticism. Ya'll know that I accept every praise or whatever with an open mind. Whatev.

    The point is, everyone thinks I'm that thin like that of my previous post where I blogged about this thin/skinny/thinspirational Dior Homme Male Models. No, I'm a lil sizey than them okay. I still think I do have a canon size thigh which means I am still fat. The main priority for this whole month is, to get rid of it. Don't worry. I'll find ways because if there is Fauzi Rassull, there is always a way.

    Next. If you're wondering what the hell/heck I ate for the past few months. Let's put it simple. I'm not going to brag about delicious recipes or brag about expensive foods that I consumed for the past few days/weeks/months okay because I don't eat at luxurious restaurant. Come on, luxurious restaurant serves pretty unhealthy foods ya'll. Let's put restaurant aside. I ate salad most of the time. I don't live life by salading which most of you think I am! (50/50) I ate plain cheese biscuits. I drank on plain water. And sometimes, I don't eat. That's it.

    I don't waste my bloody time exercising okay. I won't waste my goddamn energy doing all those sit-ups, doing that useless push-ups and tiring my legs running or jogging you call it. No, I just don't exercise. Ask anyone around me. I sat at home surfing the Internet all day long and fill my time shopping with friends. They call it, enjoying teen life! That's what I do.

    Hence, I want to make sure ya'll listen to me. I swear my dieting plan works wonder. Try not eating rice for 8months (still counting) and you are going to achieve your goal. Duh, rice is fattening you idiots!

    Be me. Envy me. Follow my diet.

    And oh, before anyone accuse for having dieting pills to help my diet plan works, YOU ARE SO WRONG! Pills are not needed at all. It's determination and idol that makes you get/achieve/be what you want. My idols are, Paris Hilton, Thin models and some others.

    Two pictorials to go. Haha.


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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 4/12/2008