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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    No Trash Bins? Then Forget About Clean And Green

    You want an update? Well, do not worry. In fact, I have alot of things to bitch about and you better shut your mouth and listen good, okay.

    Enough about Mas Selamat
    Enough abut Olinda Cho being fat.
    Enough about Mats and Minahs.
    Enough about "Dee Crap".

    That's right people. You don't see me blog about them before, do you? Nothang about them concerns me in any way and I don't see any damn need for me to whine about, okay. Useless and it is of no point!!! Well, at least, Mas Selamat seems important.... to me you especially. I don't know.

    Talk about entertainment? Sorry people, the blogging world do not need "criticisms" for entertainment all the time. If you're so into it, fuck off!

    Bitching and criticising (is an insult) are both TWO different thangs for your information. And please, do not try to explain both terms to me and try to link them in a way to proof me wrong okay. Clear enough, this is bitching! I'm gonna bitch like I own your world.

    Anyhooooo. Topic of the early morning.
    What's the point of "Clean And Green" and being "a clean Singapore"?

    You heard meh?

    Free of litter. Free of junks. Free of pests. Free of anythang.

    The government encourage us to look after our country by ensuring everyone to cooperate and throw rubbish to the right place. But then, I don't quite understand why do I need to heed their advice in the first place. No, it's not that I'm challenging them in any way or am I trying to be smart somewhere, okay. I'm voicing out my concern here to the public so that all of us can discuss right after that.
    See, this is not just about bitching but rather, more to an open discussion topic. That's right.

    I was at this particular bus interchange yesterday and I'm quite amazed that there weren't any trash bins allocated in every corner of the interchange.. Take note, I was holding on to a piece of plastic wrapper with me which I intend to dispose. I looked to the left and stared to the right and oh my god! I didn't see a single trash bin right there. Well maybe, the cleaners kept it away from public use as it was already 9pm at that time? Oh maybe, residents around that area didn't pay enough taxes?

    Unbelievable, eh?

    I leave that to you, girl.

    So what I did to the wrapper in my hand? I simply threw it off like that. That's right, bitch. I littered. Again, it's not that I want to. It's not that I think it's fun.

    You know why, hunney. I don't know what is an interchange when there aren't trash bins? I don't get the point. Seriously, you don't expect me to travel 8 feet away from where I was standing just to throw that into the trash bin, yes? Come on.

    Don't blame me for littering. Blame "them"!

    I don't know much about tax payers but hell, it's kinda ridiculous if one cannot afford to get a trash bin that cost like what? 300 dollars?

    Would you rather see a clean interchange or an ugly looking one at the end of the day?

    Do I need to litter the place so that the MP will then start addressing and do something about it? Things like this, it's common sense. We want to live in a country FREE of litter, yes? So where is the trash bin, bitch.

    needs plenty of them.
    I swear to god. =)))

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 8/02/2008