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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Wasted Relationship

    That's it!!! It's the end!

    I have been with this BF for almost, say, 2 years and I thought our relationship was a very serious one. We have talked about so many things. Oh not to mention, we also see each other very often.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is happy that my relationship with a "MAN" that I treasured and loved alot ended. In other words, it's not a happy ending whatever that means alright. Know why? It's simply because no words such as "Breakup" or any form was used at all!

    Girls, we've been through alot physically and emotionally than any guys in this planet. One thing is for sure, our generation of guys simply do not know the meaning of the term 'being treasured'! How stupid can they be? We've sacrificed our love, we've put so much endurance, we gave our best and put so much hopes thinking "Oh they are the 'perfect' ones in our eyes" blah blah blah, we gave up our dignity because we always trusted and believed in them, we prioritised them more than our bestfriends you name it and what the f**k we got in return???? BEING DUMPED! Was that even a perfect word to use?

    After all the efforts (we don't care about their efforts much because their efforts cannot be compared with ours) we've put in, is this the kind of treatment we should accept in return? Totally unnacceptable. I've been asking myself why is that everytime I met someone who seems very nice, they turned out to be a complete assholes. Does anyone of you have been in this situation before? It's like I should put myself to blame for being dumb now alright.

    *Tearing* I guess I shall just keep this short and stop whatever I'm doing because I don't feel like continuing this post. I am really sorry. I have alot to say but oh well........

    I don't doubt that he loves me. If that's the case, why would he do this?

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/27/2012

    About Barbaric Chinese Beats on Small Kid

    What prompts me to write my squashing view in todays’ blog post is because I'm not happy!

    When you judge somebody, are you judging them based on their beliefs, the color of their skin or for their actions? Well, definitely based on their actions of course!

    Recently, a Youtube video went viral on Facebook and Twitter! I'm sure you came across this too. The one about the kid which they claimed was a Caucasian being physically and mentally drained by Chinese strangers in China and no one was there to help the poor boy, remember? I have no idea when this happened and what was the cause about that made 2 men to hurt the boy.

    God, if I was there I would help the kid and shoo away those bastards. I wonder if this is how a Chinese community there is suppose to be? Maybe it's just the way how "some" Chinese in China think and act or perhaps maybe seeing a poor kid being bullied on the street is a fun thing to do? I may not be in the position to make judgements but then, like wisdom, compassion is uniquely human quality. FOR THOSE WHO WERE THERE WITNESSING THE ACT, WHERE IS THE SENSE OF COMPASSION?!??

    Recently, I placed a URL of the video (before it was removed) on my Facebook page and in all, I received well almost "80 Likes" and "33 comments" -- condemning the act, calling it barbaric and inhuman. Thank you for the support of humanity!

    So there must be something wrong with the people there, no?


    To be really honest, I am never a fan of kids myself. Well, not really ‘hating’ on kids. I just have no interest in them. Present me with a few glasses of champagne, varieties of good food, or anything along those lines. I am so sure that really interest me a lot.

    I’ve heard of outsiders interfering when a parent punishes a child by beating or screaming in public, but whatever the cause is, can anyone tell me what gave us the rights to hit on other person's child as a way of disciplining them?

    I do think that most Singaporeans are generally discipline, no doubt that we're well organized as a society, yes we are all family oriented and besides, financially savvy. However, when one is "too" succesful, s/he tend to be a little snob to everyone. They think the world revolves around them that there is a need to hit on other people just to make them feel good about themselves. That's the consequence brought about by our selfish nature inside of all of us.

    Most kids have a habit of being mischievous blah blah blah and like any other children; they would never DELIBERATELY hit anyone to harm them. What can you expect from a toddler, excuse me? I’m guessing whoever have an intention to hit on another person's child either has a deprived impulse control or has a terrible anger management problems. Just saying….. Who would have thought?

    We've all had to deal with crying kids on public buses, trains, in shopping malls and even clinics. And we've all express sympathy with the parents and dealt with it. The high-pitched screaming child might be irritating at times, however, as a grown-up human being with smart brain, we practice limitation and self-discipline. Even though I may not know the actual cause of the incident that happened in the video, hitting someone else's child is way beyond discipline. It's assault.

    Yes, this is an example of a typical case of Child Abuse!

    I am certain that no one has the right to take it upon themselves to teach another person’s kid. There are situations when it’s appropriate and necessary to set certain limitations for other toddlers. If they’re really in the risk of injuring another individual then it’s completely fine to voice up. Without any doubt, what the assailant did was too much and uncalled for indeed.

    I felt sorry for the poor boy. =(((

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 12/10/2011

    Get Bored of Being Nice to People

    I get really tired of being around people who are really mean for no reason at all. I always tell myself that doing good things for others really makes me feel better. Maybe it is part of my character that has been blessed to me by God. But I was completely wrong!

    But of course, I will defend myself if I'm being wronged. Everyone does.

    Alot of people assumed I have alot of friends by my side who will support me for who I am. I don't feel like I'm superior having many friends around me though. I don't have this feeling that they are the ones that are going to protect me when I get bullied outside. To be really honest, I simply had to put some of them outta my life because they always bring me down all the time. That's upsetting. How would you describe this? Two-faced?

    Blame those people who keeps manipulating our mind and controlling our action. Just because you don't like person A, you go around and say bad things about that person and expect us to HATE him or her as well. People like this, I HATE THEM! I'd rather see it with my own eyes, hear it from my own ears. Find out the truth first before you say anything!

    2012 is nearing and I got no time to Hate people coz it's so childish. I'm old enough.

    On a side note, you were always told not to be bitchy and too nice to anyone. If you were in my shoes, what are you going to do?


    With Kim Sharlyna

    With my awesome boyfriend <3

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 12/07/2011

    STOP WITH THAT "You're So Gay" TERM

    I overheard a conversation between two boys the other day and that bloody hell replied "Oh, you're so gay" to his gay friend. Whenever he ask for an opinion, that bloody turd replied the same thing "Man, you're so gay!".

    Correct me if I'm wrong, "You're so gay" (not homosexual gay) in his context means "You're so lame/retarded"?? Is that right?

    But what the hellllll....

    Don't people know the effing derogatory term "You're so gay" is offensive? Well, maybe it's not a big deal to people like you but if you are going to use it at someone who is a gay in public, you jolly well slit your throat! Worse, if you are going to use that at ME, I'll curse you. I will because everything has a limit to it.

    You're just making other people think you are gay. That's not nice. Some gays accept it but some, for some personal reasons don't. We have to understand the feeling of others okay. So for that, I really urge you to be really careful with the word you use. WORDS ARE REALLY POWERFUL! Gay people are protected class and who are we to judge them. Am I wrong to say this?

    Gosh, where the heck the term originated from? Oh, it must the Americans. It must be them. The slangs and everything.


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/23/2011


    It's only been 5 months since I last updated this poor little blog of mine but it feels like a decade!!! I'm not happy because I don't get the attention like before. Okay, I do get some but no more of "Omg it's Fauzi Rassull!" or "Hey Fauzi Rassull, I fucking love your blog" here and there anymore . It's like the Fauzi Bieber had passed on and it's really sad. Perhaps because I'm getting fatter now and no one cares about my life anymore. Okay I'm kidding. Not that I'm craving for it but I just miss the joy I had when I get to meet celebrities (MTV VJ Utt, Actress Joanne Peh, Miss Singapore Universe Rachel Kum just to name a few), pose for the cameras, get invited to exclusive big events and etcetera.

    Oh! Did you know I was awarded The Coolest Gossip blog for year 2010 winning all-time favourite blogs such as Celeste Chen, Xiaxue and even Dawn Yang?? Hahahahaha! Not bragging but excuse yoouu, this is my achievement. The reason why I am one of the Top Bloggers in Singapore hokay =)
    For the Malay communities, I shall refresh your memory with this sexiest photo evar for Berita Minggu newspaper. Another great achievement which I am proud of. Headlines after headlines!
    Anyhooo... I've been away doing my own stuff and been having my own private life for the record. To be honest, I am really happy because for the past few months, I've been building a healthy relationship with my loved one. I didn't know how to juggle my time. You know blogging and managing a relationship at the same time. I could't do both because I'm suck at it.
    By the way, the name is Razzie. Say HELLO to him ya'll. I cannot imagine that we are going one year this 10th December 2011!

    Congrats to myself.

    Till then my friends
    Auf Wiedersehen


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/22/2011

    The Male-to-Female Path

    You know it's definitely hard for me to decide what I want in life. I am talking about The Male-to-Female Path (Trans-sexuality). I have some friends who are pretty supportive of me. Sadly, there are few very close minded people who won’t accept me being like this. Yes, people from my camp!!! I get insults. I get sarcastic remarks most of the time. Someone needs to do something about this and I am on my own fighting for my rights over there! =’( It's pretty upsetting of course. Well, this is the path I want and whatever it is, RESPECT!

    It really annoys me with how some Singaporeans treat transsexual (Gay and even Lesbians) individuals! So much for being a well-developed country! So much for being well-educated! So much for everything! There’s always prejudice! There’s always verbal and physical abuse! Is the world still so uncivilized and unsafe? Well, I guess selfishness and self-importance go hand in hand together and if that's what being a true Singaporean really means, SHAME ON YOU!!! Go ahead and laugh, make your jokes and jeer at me for having the guts to post this up!

    When i was 18, still a teenager, I started to look into the internet and I found out a lot of what i didn’t know. You know I was never alone in this world why i felt like a female all my life and why I love dolling up myself. I’ve started the hormone replacement therapy few years back and I didn't want to tell anyone aside from close friends. But the changes are noticeable during the transition period. Breast tissues began to develop and I no longer able to hide myself. I had no choice but to tell my mom about it and she was neutral. To be really honest, as a newbie in this ‘’world”, it’s hard for me to adapt with the changes as I’m not used to it. Discrimination is one thing. I have been having terrible mood swings and emotional stress (side effects from hormone replacement therapy) as of lately and it’s killing me! Gosh, it can get worse!

    A lot of people knew me as Fauzi Rassull the male bitch blogger who created a lot of online spats via his blog before and blah blah blah. And it's certainly scary if my fans got to know of the "new me" particularly those from my family members. This is the reason why I've been staying away from the blogging world for such a long time and hiding myself away from those attentions because I'm just too afraid. Well, not anymore!


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 6/25/2011


    What does it feels like when your Facebook Account got hacked by an unknown ''internet terrorist''.

    It was so unfortunate that a hacker was able to gain control of my precious online shrine - my one and only Facebook!! But one thing is for sure, I am lucky in a way to report the matter immediately. I have contacted Facebook administrator and just in time, they have LOCKED that account so that the particular bugger could not proceed further using my Facebook account. Yeah, the hacker was able to log into it, changed the email (for logging in), password and etcetera. But better luck next time.

    With that being said, I have lost mostly all of my wonderful people whom I have been connecting with eversince I was away from the blogging world. I chose not to blog back then. I chose to hide myself from connecting with the badasses online. They were so evil. I chose to ignore their stupid remarks about me. And this is what I got. RETRIBUTION.

    But hey, it's not the end of me yet. Trust me. For I, am Singapore's Only Male Bitch <3

    I will be back with more. STAY TUNED!

    On another note, for those who have knew me as Fauzi Rassull the male bitch blogger or if you just want to get in touch with me, kindly add me on my fresh new Facebook account:


    I will see you there sweetheart.


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 6/13/2011


    Hey guyss

    The contest has ended and it's time to vote! Winning entries will be decided by official judging and public voting via “Likes” on the YouTube videos!

    Go to >> http://www.youtube.com/user/ValentineSurprise
    And watch all 100 videos who took part in this contest and subsequently, vote for the ones you think deserve to win the top prize!

    With that being said, wishing everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day!


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/16/2011

    Shame On You Stupid Singaporeans

    When you judge a person, are you judging them based on their beliefs or for their actions? Whether we like it or not, we all judge one another.

    However, I'm tired of being judged based on my religious belief because of my sexuality. What the hell is wrong with you Singaporeans! Are we not multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural or even multi-sexual enough??!! Judging somebody by their religious preferences is the same as racism. It's like you are judging a person by what they believe in rather than the colour of their skin but it's almost the same thing. It tell us that we are Racist! Judgments have to be based on who the individual is and definitely based not their religious affiliations!! Don't you think the whole "intention to keep Singapore a safe and a harmonious society " pointless??

    It is only when all of you stupid Singaporeans learn to accept everyone for who they are that we can mature as a culture. Being a young Singaporean like myself who will be turning 22 in a few months and for someone who does not have a hostile attitude towards homosexual, I believe it is necessary for everyone including the black sheeps to have a great understanding of diversity and to know that every person is “multi-layered”. Just like you and me, we are defined by more than just our sexuality alone. Understand?

    Oh well. I wonder if this is how a community is suppose to be? Oh come on, it's already 2011 ya. Maybe it's just the way how most Singaporeans think.


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/05/2011


    Sun Lin Fai Lok.. Xi Nian Kuai Le..

    Whatever language it may be, here's wishing you a great year ahead. Good Health, Good Wealth and all the Happiness you deserve. May all have a fruitful angbao collection and do remember to wear red undies for luck as well! Haha!

    We all know February isn't a good month for us. First, we have Lunar New Year weekend party with friends to think about. We also have Valentine's Day dinner to worry about blah blah blah...

    I guess we are going to be spending alot. That sucks.


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/04/2011

    Welcome Back!

    Time zoomed by real fast, and even though I hadn't exactly been away from my blog, I hardly post much these days, compared to my previous several-entries-a-day record. I AM SORRY =(

    What was supposed to be a little hiatus took a turn and I had become kinda complacent with "Life" in general. The recent unexpected deaths of some people in the news, made me wonder if this blog will be what's left of me when it's my turn to pass on...

    But then again, how long will a non-updated blog last before it expires by default? And by then, probably no one will bother anyway. God knows if, Fauzi Rassull will still be same again.. Hmmm.

    For those who misses me, here is a latest photo of myself recently. I'm looking more chubbier now. Mwacks.

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 12/22/2010



    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/28/2010

    Exclusive ZoukOut VIP Package

    Contest period: 22 NOV to 3 DEC 2010
    ZoukOut in Havaianas Style

    The annual party Zoukout is hitting the shores of Sentosa again on 11th December 2010. Who would have imagine? ZoukOut 2010 will take centerstage on Saturday, at Siloso Beach, Sentosa Island from 8pm-8am and will mark a trailblazing jaunt of 10 crucial years in music, dance and art in the great sandy outdoors. Oh la la la ~

    This season, you’ll have a crazy line-up, the awesom DJ Tiesto, fantastice French house & electro music jock David Guetta, Dutch electronic music jock Afrojack and many others!

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    Planning to rock ZoukOut? Stand a chance to win a VIP package that includes all the essentials to make your night truly unforgettable. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself in your ZoukOut outfit wearing your favourite Havaianas to the Havaianas Singapore Facebook page. Then let your friends decide if you are a true Fashionista Havaianista.

    Fun-loving, loving life, colourful personality, life of the party, good-looking, trendy and hip. That’s an example of a true Havaianista.
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    Head over to Havaianas Singapore Facebook page for more contest details

    **3 lucky voters will stand a chance to win Limited Edition Havaianas ZoukOut 2010 flip-flops. So check out www.facebook.com/SingaporeHavaianas for the Havaianista submissions and vote for your favourite to win!


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/21/2010

    ADIDAS Trophy Raiders Facebook Game

    Remember a blog post I did for one of the well-known brand for sports apparel, Adidas before? Recently, Adidas launched its new online social media marketing campaign on Facebook called the Trophy Raiders Facebook game and guess what!
    Adidas is now making waves with its “Trophy-Raiding-and-Club-History-Changing” game, guys. What you have to do is raid trophies from rival football clubs in Europe. Subsequently, change their club histories on Facebook. The football club who raids the most trophies will be featured in ESPN Soccernet as the club that won the trophy wars. Isn't that simple?

    So I urge all football fans to participate and have fun with the game!

    To join the Trophy Raiders (http://apps.facebook.com/trophyraiders/) Facebook game, you need to login.

    Here's a special fan code for my readers worth 200 points when you play adidas Trophy Raiders:


    Have fun =)

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/19/2010

    Moustaches Make A Difference

    WEBSITE: http://mosmakeadifference.com/

    I believe it is necessary for me, as one of the top male blogger in Singapore and for all of us, to have a greater understanding what prostate cancer is all about and to know the impact it has on the lives of the males that we care about. I'm writing this to help raise awareness for the second most common cancer in men and is the second most common cause of cancer deathfor a number of individuals collectively men, who usually receives little attention in prevention initiatives. At the same time, does my part to ensure that every men are aware and further understand the common cause of this male killer (that's Prostate Cancer to you). I would be lying if I say it's not dangerous. Most cancers are and it is entirely possible to die from prostate cancer although it is treatable, gentlemen. The reason why early detection and advanced treatment can actually improves the prognosis greatly for many men.

    Did you know that approximately 10 percent of all cancer-related deaths in men are caused by prostate cancer? Based on the American Cancer Society estimation, approximately 2 million men in America alone living with this cancer! For the record, we haven't calculate those outside America into consideration yet. And trust me, you wouldn't 't even want to know the percentage of men died from this cruel disease every year. It's saddening!

    That’s where MOS MAKE A DIFFERENCE exists!

    Movember is a month where men all over the world grow their moustaches in support of men's health issues. Bringing their own version of this movement to Singapore, and growing moustaches in support of prostate cancer research. Help this cause by donating, and spread the word by growing a moustache of your own.

    It's because I care and it's because I want to help save as many men as possible from this disease, I am doing my bit to help spread an important cause for men not just in Singapore but also, around the world. What a way to start a new month indeed! =)

    We don't even know who is battling with the disease! The question is, who has it? It could be your own male best friend or even your dad. Oh well, just saying.


    On that note, I urge you and all my fans to "P-L-E-D-G-E" your support by liking this wonderful campaign on Facebook too!! http://www.facebook.com/mosmakeadifference =)


    AFTER =)

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/05/2010

    JobsDB.com Dream Job Contest


    Simply visit ''WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB'' page now

    What would your dream job be?

    I have been asked this a lot of times since childhood and to be very honest, I do not want to work at all and yet get paid. You know I hear about people who pretty seem to be living in a fairy-tale land where he earn a good income doing the things he would be doing if he is unemployed. Like for just by watching TV? Or perhaps, just by writing a blog? INCREDIBLE!

    Everybody does have a list of their dream job. Take me in an instance; I yearned to be a professional makeup artiste, a visual merchandiser, a backstage fashion stylist and anything along those lines. I wonder if I was just dreaming big at that time. Like most of us who grew up in an urban society like me, we usually spent most of our time hanging out with our best friends at the airport, shopping centers, and maybe reading fashion magazines. That’s what I do most of the time. Without a doubt, this has naturally developed my love for fashion, makeup, and even modeling.

    That's me and my friends posing for a newspaper "Thinspo"article few months back.

    Even though, I may not have the typical ‘’look’’ of a makeup artiste or have any skills in that field to begin with, well, I can always give it a try. Just because you look like a fashion stylist to me doesn't really denote you have to be one! Hello, I do have an Art background too if you are wondering. Teehee.

    That's my dear friend, Wati Manson doing make-up for her clients.
    Cool huh?

    Did you know that make-up artists are a huge demand in beauty and fashion industry not just in Singapore and also all over the world? One of the nastiest parts of the job is getting to work with people all day and at the same time, attend to bad-mannered clients. Yes, I have to admit that it’s annoying but one thing I can be sure of, it’s certainly not a boring job!

    I have shared with you my dream job, now it's your turn!!

    So job seekers, have you ever wanted to be a “Party Planner”, “Zoologist”, an “Oil Rig Operator” or even a ''Make-up Artist'' like me as a career? JobsDb.com is kicking off their first ever Dream Job Contest and they are asking job seekers all over Singapore what their dream job is and they want to hear from you!

    JobsDB.com is the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific.

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    Spread the news and get everyone to participate.... <3 all =")">


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/01/2010


    Hey everyone! Stay tuned ya! Theres more to come here. Sorry for slow update =))

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 10/28/2010

    WIN Your Dream with ADIDAS

    If you are a football fan, you now stand a chance to win a stadium trip to watch your favourite club play live in Europe.

    Simply find and locate fan codes on blogs, forums and from the Adidas football Facebook page:


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    5. Enter fan codes (*SG29HYLN*) to get points and join the winner's draw.

    Is that easy??


    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 10/09/2010

    I Ate Fauzi Rassull

    This is from a fan -- a filipino based in Singapore. It feels so great to know that I have loyal fans out there who continue reading this blog. Thank you so much!

    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 9/28/2010