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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    10 Reasons Why We Hurt The Ones We Love

    I've made a vow not to blog anything related to love eversince this blog was created back in the year 2003 when I was a little boy. I think blogging anything on love are getting more and more cliche and why? You seen them everywhere in this huge blogcracy world. I don't know about you but to me that is absurd. Can you believe it people actually blog about their love story? You're right there is really nothing wrong about it. The question is, I have been to almost 6 blog at random alogether awhile ago that speaks about L-O-V-E. I don't how am I gonna react if I read 15 blogs with topic, again on love. I will probably just go "BAAAAM". I died.

    Anyway enough dwelling and let's get to my point.

    As I was doing my usual thing, this question pops out from my brain cell out of nowehere. You've got to believe me ya'll. This isn't your granny nanny late night story telling alright.

    Why We Hurt The Ones We Love? Ever wonder why? I know you don't because you have a dead brain which hella not working. Go fuck yourself.

    1. We're angry and frustrated with ourselves. Hurting them is like hurting ourselves. We aim at the good things we have in life and unconsciously try to destroy them when we think we don't deserve anything good,
    2. Expect too much from them. When something gets into their way, they will feel disappointed and the natural instinct is to make them regret which I personally think this is a fun thing to do if you didn't realise.
    3. They are the ones who tell us the truth, even when it hurts. And even if we know it is the truth, it still hurts and the pain can cause violent reactions baby.
    4. Yes, people always say that they love them dearly but there are things about them that annoy us terribly, no? And we know we're never going to be able to change them. It is as if living with our own body. At time, it is a blessing, other times a nuisance and drives us fucking mad.
    5. We misunderstood things. We always wanted them to see things the way we see them just because we think it is the right way. We simply can't understand why they think differently and how they can miss something that seems so simple and obvious to us.
    6. Misunderstood them and why? We feel tired and tormented with our own faults and deficiencies that makes us feel it difficult to deal with theirs.
    7. Influenced by TeeVee are getting cliche. Violence, melodramatic scenes blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda can all leave terrible scars in our subconscious. Ar yes, too much TeeVee isn't good for you. Be like me ya'll.
    8. We love and hate them at the same time because they know our weaknesses and there's no way we can hide.
    9. So yeah, we have come across this before, do we? Hurt them to give them comfort later.
    10. Figure it out the last piece yourself boy.
    11. And so yeah. This happens to every group -- hetero, gays, bi-sex or whatever you can think of right now.

    ppp/sss: I swear to you this will be the first and the last you will see mentioning anything that's related to love. God forbids me of doing so. I'm guilty. =)

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 12/19/2007