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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Difficulty Walking In Heels, Don't Wear Em'

    I've never walk in heels before but I know how it feels like to walk with it.

    Most ladies I knew told me it uncomfortable to walk in super duper high heels because you can't walk at a fast pace, you can't stand too much or you might sprain your ankle, and you can't shop with ease.

    And so I ask what makes it hard for them to shop with ease. One of my girl said they need to focus on their heels (to find balance) more than their shopping. Now I understood. It's like you need to multi-task as you're shopping, yes?

    But I was pretty curious why some bombshells I've seen around town were seen walking perfectly in heels (and I'm referring to 6inch or higher heels) at a very fast pace even if they were jaywalking? I died when I saw bombshells in heels. They seemed confidence unlike those typical young girls who tried so hard to wear them without much practice. But hey, I need to applaud them for their efforts (for making me laugh my ass off watching them struggled).

    This is an example of a red dressed young girl in heel. Take note, she's wearing a 3inch heelfor goodness and she already struggled. And I don't know who she want to lie to. She was seem struggling (duh! she walked as slow as a dying snail)while walking but acted as if her feet got sprained. This is hilarious.

    The girl beside her was her friend and I wonder what was her reaction like, eh?

    YongShan la siak!

    Anyway, her walk looks sorta fine to you but trust me, you'll laugh looking at her.


    I think this article I found somewhere on Yahoo! really helps alot for those who has difficulties walking in heels like they've walk on it before.


    1. This article is all about the details. Before you start trying to perfect your walk, make sure you can take more than just a few steps in your shoes no matter how you look doing it. It's important to choose shoes that are at least sort of comfortable.
    2. Practice! Practice! Practice! And watch yourself when you're walking.
    3. Pay attention to the position of your feet. Your toes should be facing straight ahead. If your feet are turned out, you'll look like a duck when you walk. If your feet are turned in, you will probably fall down.
    4. Try to keep your steps in a straight line. If you keep your feet apart when you're walking, you end up with a bit of a waddle. If you cross your feet over too much, you can start to look a little tipsy.
    5. Try different lengths of your step and figure out what looks the best and is the most comfortable for you. If it's painful stepping, you're not going to look graceful. For most, a higher heel means a shorter step. Watch how the models walk for inspiration.
    6. Keep your weight a little bit forward. Don't step toe first, but don't rely on your heel to take all your weight when you step. Especially if you're wearing really spiky heels. The higher and skinnier the heel, the more forward your weight should be.
    7. Again, watch yourself. Be aware of how you are walking until it becomes natural to you.


    * Walk in front of a mirror. Get a friend to watch you walk and give you feedback. Use a video tape and watch yourself walk. It may seem narcissistic, but it will help you look hot in the long run.
    * If you can find a floor with straight lines painted on it, use it to help you keep your steps in line. Sidelines of basketball courts are a great example.
    * Lines painted down the middle of busy streets are a bad example.
    * Walking with your feet one in front of the other is something you can practice without heels too. If you get so this is your natural way of walking, you're going to look just as hot walking in tennis shoes as stilettos.


    * While it's good to check yourself out when you're practicing, don't do it when you're out on the town.
    * Don't get shoes that are too high. Not only will they be nearly impossible to walk well in, they're also really bad for your legs and feet! To check if your shoes are too high, do this simple test. Stand in your shoes on a floor, and then try to raise yourself onto your toes (without bending your knees) so that there is at least an inch between the heel and the floor. If you find this impossible, the heel of the shoe is too high for you; you will end up straining your knees and legs as you try to walk in such a shoe.

    Difficulty Walking In Heels, Don't Wear Em'.
    Is That Simple?

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/18/2008