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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Famously known as "Singapore’s Only Male Bitch", Fauzi Rassull, is a popular blogger among the affluent city-state’s fashionable youngsters. Out of the many advantages of blogging, the best is that Fauzi is able to use it as a platform to voice his opinions to million of netizens out there. He feel that there is no freedom of speech at all in the world he is living in. He’s left with no other option but to use his blog so that his thoughts can and will be heard

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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Singapore Superhero Contest

    Although there are many superheroes, they are all very unique in their own special ways. I will try to compare three of these heroes -- Spiderman, Superman and Batman. When they were originally conceived, only Superman was born with special powers such as super human strength, the speed of a locomotive and being able to leap skyscrapers. Batman needed to work and use his intellect to gain his strength whereas Spiderman was involved in a scientific experiment that went wrong.

    “You can do it Superman, you can do it!” Who are we kidding? Superman is one of the world’s most idolized super heroes (I assume). Okay, so no regular human could take on what Superman does, but does it mean that we can’t still watch his heroic ways every week at kid’s channel? Superman is our modern day hero, one that everyone wants to be like but realizes that they will never be able to fly through the air to save a burning building.

    However, superheroes like them, are almost getting cliché. We’ve I’ve heard and see these heroes almost everywhere – on television, malls, books etc. I’ll let you know if I see one in the cubicle, okay.

    Ask me how a Singapore Superhero should look like. Interesting question, eh?

    Now it’s time to crack my pea-sized brain and get creative.

    I’ve been sitting here for hours, munching on biscuits, strangling myself and out of the blue, god was there to help me. Who would have thought it took me quite a while to come out with my very own superhero and picture that idea of mine on a sheet of paper. Tell me. It’s not as easy like you think it is okay.

    The 23 thousand Donald duck dollars question is, can my superhero beat Superman? Batman?Perhaps, X-Men? I can’t tell you now because you haven’t learn my superhero’s special powers yet. But I will assure you that my superhero is all set ready to be crown the title of “SINGAPORE’S SUPERHERO” ever!

    What matters is that my super hero looks cute and original, never before seen and VERY FRESH from my asshole.(laugh hysterically)

    So anyway, all of us are wondering if my superhero will resemble an alien from planet mars. Don’t ever worry about that, hunney. My superhero will never ever look like any perverts.



    Iyer, very very Pian Tai lor! (giggles)

    No, that wasn't any superhero. I sketched/drew that for fun I guess.

    I proudly name my superhero as, BRINJAL MAN. Brinjal is super random. I don''t know where on earth the word brinjal came from. Hahaha. Imagine you call your friend "Banana" in a mall full of shoppers. That's very very random. But hey, I think it's fun to make fun of your friend once in awhile, no? I love it. I love calling my friend using all sorts of vegetable's name and thank god, I'm still doing it.


    Duh, Brinjal Man is a fictional character hoping that people will regard him as the cultural icon and at the same time, be the most famous and popular fictional character in Singapore.

    So anyway, this superhero of mine is very unique. For some reasons, he look short due to his vertically challenged body. He has a wide chest, muscular and a squarish face inspired by some hollywood actors. Haha. Isn't he the kind of hero which every Singaporean dream of??? Tell me he is, please.

    As we all already know, my superhero has a weird name -- Brinjal Man. He is a full-time volunteer whose task is to help tackle down all of his enemies (youth in general) who smoke when they shouldn't, take drugs (not Panadols), attend to midnight parties and all other sorta of things that would harm the youth future. This is a very crucial matter that is happening right here in a our small little country, Singapore. We have repeatedly stress the consequences of their actions many times and sadly, nothing goes into their deaf ears. With the exist of my superhero, the Brinjal Man of course, I really hope that he can help all youth today to use their brain to think again. If possible, make them attend a forum/seminar to address what's right and what's best for their future. Brinjal Man is also a good disciplinarian and a preacher too ya'll. Haha.

    For your information, Brinjal Man is powerful. He has a strong sense of smell as well. He can detect anyhoo who smokes. He can fly all the way from Jurong to Orchard in a short span of time. Don't ask me how. He is just amazing hero ever. Who would have thought, eh?

    And oh, he prefer that his headquarter remains a secret to all in case any haters intend to rob him of his virginity. Haha. But here is the clue. He is working with some organisation that helps to tackle youth who does stupid yet silly things. Definitely not with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. Try again.

    For More Information, CLICK CLICK CLICK:IT'S SUPER COOL! WHO AM I KIDDING?????!!!??

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 5/05/2008