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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Samsung Omnia Brings My Confidence Back

    People have been persuading me to get a new phone. Yes, yes I know. My phone looks horrendous to their eyes. My phone is so old-fashioned. My phone is this and that.

    Do not worry. I will show you the state of my current phone in a short while.

    Can you imagine what it feels like when people actually criticise your phone like that? I felt hurt. I felt insulted. The best part is, they do it indirectly. Sarcastic much? I don’t know. Since I have a good heart, why not I just pretend and regard it as a joke. That’s right.

    I don’t seem to understand, the need to criticise my phone that way when I, myself, do not seem to have any problem with using a phone which is to them, is not in trend, old-fashioned and etcetera.

    Yes, I had no other choice but to use a Nokia 6200 ever since I carelessly left my 3G phone in the loo at Takashimaya (4 months ago). I cried then. I love that phone so much.

    I’m 19 years old and I know it’s not cool to use an outdated phone which NOT A SINGLE SOUL (of my age) WOULD DARE FLASH IT to their friends and enemies. Thank god I am not like that kind of person. Honestly, I have learned a lot eversince that. It had thought me to appreciate things in life. Life is not just about new phones and all that stuff.
    Oh, that's my phone if you're wondering by the way.

    Why should I be embarrassed about, hunney? It’s just a phone and I’m the one using it, yes? Don’t laugh. The current phone I’m using right now has a missing “Menu” keypad (if you were to look closely) and let’s talk about it’s screen, shall we? Yes, part of the screen disappeared. Anyhooo, my phone can still operate and I’m happy that I could still make outgoing calls and communicate with people. And again, all that from what? A useless phone, baby.

    By the way, I have yet to thank my dear friend for repeatedly telling me to participate in this Samsung Omnia contest which I was reluctant to join at first because I doubt Samsung will present me with their Omnia phone. You know, there might be hundreds of participants participating in this contest. Who knows, after Samsung read my entire entry, they might present me that gorgeous phone, no? And again, I don’t know.

    As soon as I came across the contest page, my heart just went “OH MY GOD”. I’m speechless. That’s right. I really really want that phone so bad. And then I thought it’s time for a phone replacement. It’s time for me to show my friends off with that new Samsung Omnia. And it’s time for me to play pictorials with my new camera phone (as you know, I live without a camera phone) and listen to mp3 at the same time. May luck be with me? I hope so.

    No, I do not want to sound pathetic. I do not want people to sympathise me for using a “half-cracked” phone. I don’t care what my friends gonna say about me. It’s not that I cannot afford to get a new one. It’s just that, to me, it is not the right time just as yet. Look at my family’s financial situation and you’ll understand. Not all of us are rich people, remember? Anyway, I don’t seem to bother much about technology (never was a tech-savvy kid at all) before but then, eversince my friends started to make remarks about my phone, out of the blue, I don’t feel confidence with myself. That’s right. The more they criticise it, the more I feel like, I’m poor. I hate this feeling. I really hate it so much. Imagine if you're in my shoe. What would you feel? It's hard. Really hard.

    It’s more than just a phone.

    Way morrrre better than my “cracked” phone by the way.
    Picture courtesy of Samsung Singapore

    Why it is more than just a phone you ask?
    Oh my gosh. It’s:

    - Full touch screen with TouchBack some more
    - 8GB/16GB internal memory leh (don’t play play)
    - Large 3.2” WQVGA LCD
    - GPD with Geotagging
    - 5 Megapixel camera with Face Detection and Smile Shot
    (don’t compare it with my phone. My phone has no camera. Worse, not even an MP3)

    Therefore, on a serious note, I strongly belive that Samsung Omnia can help change my life. The old phone has to go. I have to bring my confidence back. I have to stop everyone from criticising me. It's OMNIA (It's everything to my life and it's my wish)


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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 7/11/2008