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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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  • Rassull:
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    Famously known as "Singapore’s Only Male Bitch", Fauzi Rassull, is a popular blogger among the affluent city-state’s fashionable youngsters. Out of the many advantages of blogging, the best is that Fauzi is able to use it as a platform to voice his opinions to million of netizens out there. He feel that there is no freedom of speech at all in the world he is living in. He’s left with no other option but to use his blog so that his thoughts can and will be heard

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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Can't Do This, Can't Do That. Then Do WHAT.


    What is Singapore if the citizens aren't allow to bitch, to criticise and to insult in a blog, hunney? Don't even talk about using "swear" words, okay!

    Personally, I don't think I have that complete right to post whatever entry I wish because if I do, there might be one or two alienated creatures out there gonna report me again.

    But don't worry, this blog post is for an open discussion only.. Hahaha. Take note, okay!

    I assume, 20,000(plus) of you read about Xiaxue's post whereby she bravely defaming Dawn Yang (days ago) and then had it deleted due to an impending lawsuit, no?

    If you assume yourself as a "CELEBRITY" here, you have to widen up your vagina, okay. You have to be prepared of criticisms, negative remarks about you. You simply can't wait for compliments all the time. You are not a god and we do not have to worship you in anyway, okay.

    Now the point is, every celebrity/models/entertainers had been criticised before! Even worse than Dawn Yang, okay!

    Like I said before this, "Criticisms are just words to describe you and they are basically comments given by people collectively who are mentally retarded. In other words, they are simply nothing but stupid baseless comments, people".

    We do not expect anyone to believe that criticisms and take it as a fact, okay. I don't care what you say but I always believe that, every bloggers, are given the rights to blog anythang they want. Bear in mind, this is for entertainment and if you take the post too seriously, GREAT! That's why you have a thick gullible skull, hunney.

    If Xiaxue's post lead to an impending lawsuit, then I can't hide that my blog was reported by scumbags for being controversial that lead to a police investigation the other time. How about that?????

    (Singaporeans Are Complain Kings For Everythang! Am I Wrong To Say This?)

    I don't know about you but seriously, bringing COURT into the matter does not make any sense at all. Threatening bloggers with court/lawsuits/investigations, eh???? How smart.

    Let us all think.

    pp/ss: Now what are bloggers FREE to blog about?????

    IFFF that's the case, why BLOG HOSTING exist in Singapore?
    BAN and BLOCK all blog hosting site then if you think you want to be fair to everyone, correct?

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 7/04/2008