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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Malaysians Took Over Innit

    Yet another update from me. Not much of a surprise, eh?

    This entry is strictly for Nuffnangers.

    As the blog post title goes, MALAYSIANS TOOK OVER INNIT (slowly without Singaporeans realising it??)

    I don't know if ya'll realise this. Malaysian Nuffnangers usually occupy most of the top 10 sits in INNIT. In fact, this happens all the time (I think). It's not about how fantastic or how well-written their blog entries are that give them a place in the top 10.

    Look at all their blog posts. NOTHING INTERESTING (but some are).
    And if you say they are popular in a way, please give me time to think again, hunney.
    What evidence can you proof to us that they ARE popular? Proof us with Technorati or with the number of "Nangs" they got?? Hahaha. Let me tell you this! The number of "Nangs" they got are all bullshits. That's right and ask me why. I can explain.

    Okay. Let's just say the least number of "Nang" in the top 10 is 8. And imagine I knew 10 Nuffnangers here and I tell them to "Nang" my post -- a misleading and uninteresting one. Of course, the one with 10 "Nangs" automatically replace the least, right? And after 20 minutes, you will realise that my post received a total of 30 "Nangs" altogether. And again, it's not about how good the blog post is. It's because people only cares to read the TOP 10 entries. They are too quick to assume INNIT's Top 10 are always the "fantastic" blog posts. Unfortunately, they are wrong! As I've mentioned earlier, it's a misleading blog entry with 30 "Nangs". You do the math. 30 "Nangs" minus off 10 (of which were all from Nuffnangers I know). The 20 "Nang" were from Nuffnangers who logged in to their account. For the record, "Nangs" are automatically issued the moment a person (logged in) click the post they want to read.

    *****This happens because Nuffnang does not have a feature that allows us to read a short paragraph of Nuffnanger's blog entry in INNIT.*****

    Sorry to say this. Nuffnangers can be stupid at times, okay. Perhaps, ALL THE TIME. Haha. Still didn't get the point? Come on, you don't have to "act blur" because it makes you look like a toad, okay.

    [[click image to enlarge]]


    You prolly might be wondering why the hell, it's always THE SAME OLD PERSON appears in INNIT. People "Nang" all for the wrong reasons and it's obvious. Meaning....

    Point ONNE: Nuffnangers were asked/forced to "Nang".
    Point TWWO: Nuffnangers recognised and knew each other and so, they take advantage of it.

    It's like, "hey you nang me and I will nang you back. It's a deal".
    Get what I meant, people?

    Fuck them all.

    Am I wrong to say this???? Yes, you can jolly well disagree with me. Go ahead then!

    Ya'll disgreeing me when I mentioned "Bloggers are all attention-seekers" the last time, eh? What is going on now? You guys are doing it (nanging each other all for attention) secretly thinking no one will realise it, eh? Just admit that you're one attention-seeker. I don't see anythang wrong with that. What the fuck.

    ppp/sss: At least I admitted I'm attention seeker. I'm a blogger with a goddamn gut to OWN up.


    Fuck ya'll.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 7/11/2008