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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Kill Those Haters Of FauziRassull.Com

    I am not speechless. Why? Majority of the people in this planet simply hate me ya'll. For all I know, this isn't new to me. This always happens when someone is jealous to the things you do. When they envy you, these idiots will go around spreading cheap, and worthless messages to other people from other planet to inform that he/she is like this or like that without searching for facts. In other words, accuse you like they own the planet. The motive for doing so is to bring you down. Like they said, "KEEP THE HATRED ALIVE". That's bullshit for all I care.

    What surprise me is, people still believe something like that. How stupid can that be? Even if you own a Master Degree Certfiticate, I will not be shock if they were among the few percentage who blindly agree, believe, support what the haters said. Come on you guys, I'm not pleaing anything but I just want to tell you that every soul has a brain of their own and why not use it. Why listen to people and blindly follow their footsteps. Isn't that similar of you being a dog?

    I believe that the negative comments just reaffirm that the world is full of bitter and jealous bitches that can't be pleased when their fellow man are just fucken true to himself. Those of you making these spiteful comments should take a look at the mirror. Don't go posting shit everywhere. Hell, whose blog is half as witty and entertaining as Fauzi? Tell me tell me?

    Oh, and no this isn't Fauzi writing under another guise before one of you bitches suggests it...

    Hey Jamiz, I presume many people have visited your "oh so fabulous" site precisely to see what you gets up to, warts and all. Whilst I am not hella interested in your 'achievements' the term you use, I do want to be amused about it.

    I don't think everyone who doubts, me at least, is bitter or jealous, but we have wisened up to Jamiz's tricks and cunning and self-promotion to which he owned up to. I can't believe the lengths people would go to just to be mean and spiteful. Last time I checked jealousy isn't endearing.

    That's entertainment as they say, but i am not as gullible to believe EVEYRTHING he says and does, and willing to worship at his smelliest feet evar as you are though! Because I have a mind that questions and works!!

    For all I care, you have made a mass attention for me and I really thank god. Oh, to the people who have accuse Fauzi and spread negative remarks about this lad everywhere in this cyberspacial world, do not be surprise if Fauzi does it again.

    I'm calling bullshit on you people. I should SUE the hell out of your ass for inventing things like this. It sucks to be you. You're just as crazy and wacked as your idol (your mom, dad, granny-nanny or whatever). You don't even have any real friends (oh yeah? Blogcatalog friends DON'T count).

    It's PAY BACK IS BITCH time you all.
    On that note, BYE BITCH =)

    "fauzirassull.com will remain in this blogcracy world. No point trying your best to tear this site apart. Stay away and fuck yourself. Get it, no?"

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 12/06/2007