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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Fake Versus The Real Boobs: My Thought

    Do men find these fake boobs attractive? What is the desire to touch a fake breast filled with a saline bag? Does the thrill of the fantasy override the reality of bolted-on breasts without a natural cleavage line?

    Now what women thinks about having fake boobs? Do women find the false enlargement attractive as well or whartnot? Are some natural breasted women envious of artificial mammary glands?

    I don't know what your thoughts are but for me personally, why in the world people who claim they are content with the way they are, criticize or obsess over what other people do? I mean, really, shouldn’t one just “mind their own?” I don’t doubt that you’re not some fat ugly cow but come on, if you are as happy and centered as you state you would naturally care less what anyone outside of your family sphere does. It wouldn’t stick in your craw. You are judging other people for having “superficial standards” but I find that people who are carefree and happy could really care less about the way others choose to live their life. They might comment and then they shrug it off and move on. The expression “to each their own” is something they truly live by.

    Then again, those who do the opposite usually come from a place of smug self righteous superiority. Sort of like extreme Christians for me.

    They will probably figure out a surgery to give you your virginity back so you can “fix” that too.

    I think fake boobs are great… They are all beautiful, intelligent, professional women who certainly don’t lack self esteem or confidence. I think many of the boob job “haters” are just lonely frustrated, unattractive feminists or lesbians with hairy underarms and legs. Of course I’m exaggerating, but I’m probably not too far off the mark.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 1/01/2008