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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Mcdonald's Standard Is Getting Worse?

    I know my earlier blog post bores some of you because you're just jealous bunch of kids. Many thought I blogged about something that was super random and they didn't expect it. Others just close their Internet window upon seeing my earlier post.

    I didn't know that S$300 worth of Fashion stuff could make anyhooo jealous. It's just S$300 for god sake ya'll. It's not even 3 bottled of Chanel Parfum okay.

    This is what I don't understand. Why can't I just blog about my achievements, my winnings and all that -- for a change. I'm a human like you. I need to celebrate my winning.

    Oh well, maybe you love the old Fauzi Rassull that often bitch instead of that typical, passe styled of blogging, yes? I understood.

    Alright I won't dwell on this matter and lets get to the point, shall we?

    You should know by now that I super duper love ice creams. If you haven't, take note okay. You can call me McDonald's ice-cream bitch, sundae lover or whatever.

    So anyway, I went to my favourite fast-food restaurant, McDonald (but I prefer Burger King) that night to get a chocolate fudge sundae and frankly, I was totally surprised when that stupid trainee gave a sundae with only about a tablespoon of chocolate fudge..

    I'm lost of words and I couldn't do anything because firstly, there were alot of customers behind me and I didn't intend to make a nuisance out of it. Secondly, that poor sundae only cost me S$1.50 and I shouldn't make a big fuss.

    But still, I was curious and I was dissatisfied with the amount of chocolate she topped in.

    I asked her:
    "Excuse me, is this your chocolate sundae? Can you please for god sake, add a few ounce more of chocolate to it?"

    That poor trainee with a scarf on replied:
    "No, this is the right amount of chocolate for every of our sundae. Additional chocolate cost 50 cents, sir"

    Omfg. I don't care if it cost me 50cents. Am I a cheapo to them? Damn. It's like someone just spat on me. I don't like that alright. No one should ever do that to me. You know, the way they said it was like an insult.

    Okay. I thought they were kidding me but I just took that sundae and walked off. A few seconds later, I was super dissatisfied and was kinda annoyed by those two and my instinct told me to fight for more chocolate. Yes, I came back and stood right in front of that cashier like an idiot with no one attend to me. I think they were all afraid of me and why? They knew I'm gonna bitch. Haha..

    And so I spoke to the manager. I didn't care. I asked her the same question and I insist her to add a few more chocolate to it no matter what because I knew how a sundae looks like. Like I told you, I often bought ice creams from McDonald and I sorta knew the standard okay.

    Why is it so hard to get a few more ounce of chocolate from someone who is just a trainee?

    Will adding an ounce more of chocolate kill the company?

    This is what I really don't understand.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 3/27/2008