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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Hi, I'm KC Housefly! I'm Popular!!

    Allow me to ask you (super rich, middle-class and poor inbreds) this. How orginal can you be when you're at Friendster, a leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends?

    No doubt, being fake is much easier than being original. But why? I don't get people trying so hard to copy something and simply treat it like their own. Is it hard to place a small link back or the source name where you got your information (that if you've copied) from?

    I've seen enough of prankster trying so hard to disguise themselve as one of that famous celebrity -- Paris Hilton, Aaron Carter or even Britney to name a few. Why?

    Maybe here are the reasons which I can think about right now:
    No.1 : Either you have nothing better to do.
    No.2 : Either you think it is so fun.
    No.3 : Either you want attention.
    (No point getting attention using people's name. You're just making them famous)
    No.4 : Either you're paid to does something like that. (I strongly doubt so)
    No.5 : Either you're fucking fugly and shy to show your face-pics.

    And the list continues further...........
    SO, STOP IT.

    Yes I know. There are hundreds and could be thousands of these simlilar thing happens but whatev. I saw this one early this morning. Nothing stops me to blog about him. This is so fun, no?

    First thing first, let's get to my point. I love to view each and everyone of you people's friendster profile every single day. That proof why you see me online (yes, I love internet) in this cyberspacial world 24hours. Earlier, I woke up and view all those updated profile and also viewed some 2nd degree friends at random. Nobody is gonna believe me but do you know I actually see a similar content at his "about me" column (2nd degree friend) as that of my friend (friendster buddy in my list). I wonder which is which -- the original and the copycat.

    Let me show you the exact picture of what I'm saying if you're at the verge of confusion or simply dumb.

    Hopefully you understood enough. Oh, DoNeEdeCKy II PPJ is the real. It's obvious, no? Ask him yourself you slut.

    Anyway, congrats for being one heckuva copycat (my instinct tells me "'kc is fly is a smart ass and it is undeniable he is one.) You're on google. You're famous. Period.

    For those who agrees, let celebrate and sing a song for "'kc is fly ya'll.

    This is your nursery rhyme, remember? Sing it.
    "Copycat, chase the rat, go home let your mother slap yadda yadda yadda....."

    Ya'll knew I love to bitch so much. You should already know by now if you come to my blog. That's where the ultimate bitching begins. This is so fun ya'll. If you're hurt or whatev with this post, fuck yourself. I hate apologies and that's it.

    Have I mention that "'kc is fly profile should fuck off? Well, he should.

    Anyway, you'll realise a change to his profile -- that's because he feels guilty about it. Hahahaha. Doneedecky said to me this through friendster message and he went,

    "... omg. that kc guy. gosh, he had sent me comments few times saying that my pics are nice blablabla, but never ask me for a permission for using those words tho, and ur post is soo cool. hah! u are right, Copycat, chase the rat, go home let your mother slap, hahaha.."

    That's about it. Bye fakers, get a life. I will forever promote you, babe.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 11/09/2007