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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Famously known as "Singapore’s Only Male Bitch", Fauzi Rassull, is a popular blogger among the affluent city-state’s fashionable youngsters. Out of the many advantages of blogging, the best is that Fauzi is able to use it as a platform to voice his opinions to million of netizens out there. He feel that there is no freedom of speech at all in the world he is living in. He’s left with no other option but to use his blog so that his thoughts can and will be heard

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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    15 Year Old Girl Had Sex With Over 300 Men

    Everyone knows I'm an Internet whore. I take part in online competitions from various partners, I got myself updated with the latest fashion trends, updated with the latest music on itunes, the entertainment industry, the dirtiest thing happen to the Hollywood celebrities, popular blogs, and this is what I hate the most. I thought I AM one hell of an Internet bitch. But I was wrong ya'll. It may sound ridiculous to you but I have to admit that I'm not one just as yet. And let me explain why!

    Why on earth not a single soul update me about this American girl who had unprotected sex with over 300 men? Tell me why? Tell me!??!! This is a year old story bitch. I hate you people. (I'm kidding!)

    So anyway, this teen slept with over 300 men at the age of 15. Slept as in having sex (duh). This is super kerazzy!

    You guys better get your eyes glued at the video below okay. This is not for a good cause ya'll. It'll never be.

    I don't know what to say about that girl. Majority of the audiences mocked and jeered at her and it seemed that she didn't have any sort of a reactions. She didn't feel upset about it. She didn't feel embarrassed. I mean, you're on a national television and if i were her, I could have look down and kept quiet about it. You know what I meant. Not like the way she reacted! Look at her. She was trying so hard to be herself and to have a few crew to stop her from getting near the audiences.

    She is dangerous. She is a mad dog. She didn't even have a pride. We all know she is not a virgin. What else do we need to know?

    This is BAD GIRL GONE WILD!!!!

    Currently, we have none of this happen right here in Singapore. But, I'm so eager to know who will be the first. Applications are still open.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 3/28/2008