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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Fauzi Rassull With A 23 inch Waist. Ask My Secret!

    This is one of the most shocking news for everybody. I went to try a skinny jean somewhere here in Singapore earlier and I was asked what's my waist measurement. This is the part which I hate the most. I hate to let people (be it friends or just anyone around me) know of my waist measurement. I prefer to keep it low and remain a secret because I don't think it's that important -- letting the world know of your waist size. I'm just too scared because I don't want my friends to go "What? You're fat!".

    Yes, I'm hell one of a self-consious bitch. I'm just so particular with something when it's not right or if it's not up to my expectation. I know everyone will go "Fuck me" with that attitude. No, I didn't choose to be like that. I was born to have this mindset. It cannot be change. Yes I've tried to but hell, I just couldn't.

    Anyway, I asked for a size 26inch for that skinny jean instead. I didn't know 26inch was hella too huge for me when I put it on. I didn't even realised that at all. I thought it's impossible for me to have a smaller waist than 26inch. Ok whatever.

    So yeah, I did tried a 25inch but failed. It got to the worse; 24inch still didn't fit me at all. It's a little bit loose somewhere at the waist area that I could fit in 3 fingers in.

    Imagine that a boy who has a waist size of either 22 or 23 inch? Isn't that cool?
    I've got a smaller waist right now. That's what I want to tell you.

    Now I dare you to ask me my secret to have a waist like that of this young boy.
    And hell I tell you. It really works. No, no pills at all. This is based on my experience which really works wonder.

    And oh, have anyone ever told you to have that determination when losing weight is concern?

    This isn't a secret. This is my style. What I did? As you all already know by now. Paris Hilton, Brandon Hilton and Bryanb are my favourite idols. I always go up to them for inspiration, thinspiration and fashion in general. No doubt that they are skinny and thin. Let me tell you this. I find that it's easier to get clothes everywhere and anywhere when you're skinny. I find that skinny is the new lean. Skinny is a trend for some reason. And I maybe wrong somewhere. I don't care.

    So I always think about my idol while I'm in the process of thinspirationing. Thank god, after 5months and 2 weeks, my wish has come true. I should thank them for inspiring me for sure.

    And I want to be clear that I am not anorexic before anyone tells me.


    Enough about thinspirationing. Enough about my idols yadda yadda yadda. Pictorial galore again ya'll. This time, the photos has that watery effects and I don't know for whatever reason it turned out like that. I hate this. Don't blame me. It's not my fault.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 2/28/2008