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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    Body Odour Kills Me

    Do you smell?
    What do you smell like?

    Before I go any further, I urge you to take note of this okay. Anyhoo out there who produces a strange-like-smell out of your body, PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE, stay away from me.

    No, I'm not trying to be crude. I'm not obnoxious. I'm not being rude in anyway okay. This is what I call self-respect whatever that means.

    Body odour. Everyone knows what's that (duh). I find it strange why people get offended so easily when someone just plainly say "hey you smell!". If you think you have this horrible body smell, why on earth get offended? We are telling you the truth. We are honest about you. We hate to lie. You just need to accept that kind of comment with an open mind. Yeah unless you have this thick gullible skull like that of a coconut, then you shouldn't.

    I was onboard a train heading back home yesterday from somewhere and this train stopped at this particular station. For whatever reasons, I felt so unlucky yesterday and it was hell the worse day of my life. A humongous hairy man from other planet sat next to me and there you go. OH MY GOD! I died! I couldn't imagine how in the world I'm going to survive for another 25minutes inside that bloody train having one huge man who smelled like, say, when you walk pass a stinky canal...

    And again, I'm not being crude in anyway okay.

    I ask you. Why do we have to respect people with a horrible body odour when they don't respect us in the first place? Why on earth should we care about their emotions/feelings when our emotions are not cared? And I'm being hella serious right now.

    Why I asked you this? Take me in an instance. If you were in my place yesterday having one bear like that sat next to you, what would you feel? Excuse me, I need to be respected as well okay. So, what would you feel? Have anyone ask me that? No! I was struggling so hard with the smell and I'm dying. I felt like I could have vomitted at anytime. I hell needed a CPR. Does that hairy man know how I feel? I bet he didn't even care!

    These people expect us to treat them nicely by not calling them names or whatever. They felt like they've been mocked at. Then, do something about it. Buy perfumes! Get some body spray, bitch..

    This is what I have to say and please listen good. No one should be treated nicely ESPCIALLY to anyhoo out there who has a stinky, smelly and horrible body odour.

    You can scream any gay vocabs all you want to me. I can jolly well do the same to you!

    This is human rights for all I know.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 3/31/2008