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Fauzi Rassull on Newspaper spread
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    Singapore's Only Male Bitch

    First-Timer And People Who Are Virgin To My Blog

    If you think you are a first-timer visiting my blog, great!
    I have a little something to let you know. There are a few people out there who really really really hate me. I don't know why!

    Seriously, I don't owe these people cash. Next, I don't know them for good okay. And why they hate me? That's why I'm confused right here. We'll find out next time.

    Let's get to the point, shall we. If you realised, I actually have a bitching corner right at my sidebar and it actually works like a forum okay. This forum is for all of us. You can post anything you like although the main discussion or message posted by our dear readers were basically about "ME". In other words, bitching about me for this and that! I'm open to every critics. I'll accept your comments with an open mind and I'm being fair. This is the game ya'll love, yes?

    You say that I bitched about people all the time. However, I don't seem to recall to have done that . NOT AT ALL! I don't know if you were putting words into my mouth or this is your plan to get people to hate me. So yeap, whatever whatever whatever..

    I'm happy that my forum is stil alive. I have quite a number of incoming messages. And this one which I've receieved earlier from a creature who delibrately named himself as "fauzi-hater" (your parents gave you that name??)

    (fauzi-hater said)
    "like the whole world knows you're gay and just rather not want to hear it from you. and the first person in singapore to have sex with 300 men is none other than you. she wants a baby, damn it? you can't blame someone for wanting to have children at a young age. seriously at least she's straight unlike you."

    You know, I thought of replying that comment on a voice recorder. However, I'm too tired to do that. WASTED.

    Like seriously, I don’t recall anything about blaming anyone for wanting a baby. What I meant was, she’s only 15 at that time and to have slept with over 300 fucking men at that age, what do you have to say? Absurd much, no?

    And who in this fucking world cares if she’s a straight woman or not? She don’t provide me with shelter and and and, she don’t look after me in anyway okay.

    For me, being the first Singaporean to have sex with 300 men?
    Whoa! I’ve been waiting for that, man. Aint that great? I mean, I can have super orgy celebration right after that.

    Fuck yourself. Fuck you.

    p/s: Nope. I’m not angry. I just love to add profanities to every sentence.

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    BYE BITCH! =)

    Posted on 3/29/2008